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The Colbert Roleplay Report

The Truth On Fictional Fiction That We Make-Up

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Name:The Roleplay Report
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  When you want nothing but the truth about fiction, there is no one better to turn to than the Bringer of Truth Himself - Stephen Colbert. If you're a roleplayer, you know the give and take of logging. Well, Stephen is going to take what you know and give you nothing but adulterated versions of the way he sees the truth. If you're a member of livejournal, you know how the move and site improvements have been. Stephen takes on the goat in his search for the truthiness livejournal must have somewhere in it's mainframe (beyond the series of tubes that the interweb makes up). You don't need to be afraid of facts, but you don't need them here. Watch "The Colbert Roleplay Report" and learn everything you didn't know you wanted to know from the man you trust, Stephen Colbert.
01★ Please keep in mind that this is essentially a roleplay in itself. Views are that of the characterization of Stephen Colbert, and not of the mun or the community. They are meant to be humorous and entertaining, nothing more.
02★ You are more than welcome to reply to each "episode" if you want. Stephen may strike up a conversation, too! But remember that this is for fun, so don't be unnecessarily rude to Stephen or to any of the other viewers.
03★ This community is rated PG-14 and may not be work safe, varying between posts. View at your own discretion.
04★ To become a "viewer", just friend the community.
05★ Have fun!
  This community will not survive without the help and input from YOU, the masses. Stephen's time is a precious commodity, and as much as he'd love to, he can't spend it browsing every roleplay on livejournal. So, this is where you come in. If you'd like to help contribute to the Report, you can do any (or all) of the following:

      ★ Send in a REPORT
      ★ Become a SPECIAL GUEST
      ★ Become a SPONSOR
      ★ ADVERTISE the Report

  Now, if you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ page. If for some reason you need to contact Stephen directly, you can e-mail him at colonel★of★truthiness(at)gmail(dot)com (stars of justice replaced by periods, respectively).
This is a fictional portrayal of the personality Stephen Colbert, in accordance with the show "The Colbert Report". The maker and player claims no legal rights over the show or the character/man Stephen Colbert. This is all in the name of fun, and hopefully the watchers and participants will get some shits and giggles from this too.
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